Not everyone wants a traditional wedding. Some couples in Canberra have an intimate no frills preference and want to legalise their union in an affordable way and not have a big wedding. Unfortunately, in Canberra we do not have a registry office. Lots of couples, for a variety of reasons, choose to have a quick, intimate, small ceremony… what I call a ‘quickie’.

Does this sound like what you are after?

A ‘quickie’ is still a meaningful ceremony. A small affordable ceremony does not diminish the warmth and sincerity. ‘Quickies’ are quick and easy. A cheaper alternative is still a joyous ceremony that you and your guests will enjoy.

For many overseas students living in Canberra this is ideal. In some countries a ceremony is not required to marry, just the appropriate paperwork done and the marriage is then registered. In Australia, you can only marry as part of a ceremony, which includes some mandatory wording by the celebrant and an exchange of vows by the marrying couple, which is the promise you make in front of two witnesses that you will live together in marriage. I can also help you with a letter for immigration purposes if your partner is coming to Australia from overseas to marry.

I have a much cheaper fee for ‘quickies’ and it includes all the paperwork and the registering of your wedding. There are no hidden extras.

I am happy to conduct these either at my place, in my garden or courtyard and you are welcome to bring a small number of guests, or at a venue of your choice. I’ll even take photos of you and your guests with your camera afterwards.

We will need to meet at least a month before the ceremony for you to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage, then most probably not again until the day of the ceremony.

I would love to help you with a ‘quickie’. Just contact me, Judy Aulich Canberra Marriage Celebrant.