Getting married is a big deal. That’s why we make such a fuss about it. Even the most laid back couples can feel a bit overwhelmed and nervous, but an experienced celebrant should keep the groom relaxed during the wait for the bride. And once the ceremony starts everything is in the hands of the celebrant and should go without a hitch.

The groom giving his wedding speech

Frequently though, the most daunting part of the whole day is the reception speech that is hanging over the couple’s head. Some people are not fazed at all by speaking in public and making a speech (I’m one of those) but for many, it is dreaded and about as much fun as root canal therapy.

So, do you have to have speeches at the reception, especially if you hate the idea? No, you don’t. It’s your day and up to you. Easily said, I know, when you also have family expectations. Managing family politics can be very tricky when you are getting married.

But you can have a ‘no speech’ reception. I’ve seen it work beautifully. The bride’s father (but it could be anyone) got up and announced that it was to be a ‘no speech reception’. He thanked everyone for coming and asked everyone to raise their glasses and toast the bride and groom. They then stood up and also thanked everyone and then asked all the guests to follow them onto the dance floor. It was done and dusted and no stress to anyone.

I’ve also been at a reception with many speeches. They were hugely funny and entertaining and it was a bit like a stand up gig. It suited them perfectly and the guests would have expected nothing less.

However you decide to manage the issue of speeches, remember it should be fun for you, not stressful.

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