A bride and Groom Walking In Grass

There are several times when it is appropriate to have music.

1. As Guests Arrive.

Music as your guests arrive sets a sense of occasion. Nothing too intrusive, as guests will be talking and moving about, just background music you like.

2. Entry

If the one of the couple is making a traditional entry with attendants, it is usual to have accompanying music. This music should catch the attention of the guests and announce that things are about to happen. Don’t worry about the timing too much. Unless your walk in is excessively long, you won’t run out of music.

3. During the Signing of Papers

Background music is good here, perhaps something from your earlier playlist. Two songs should be all you need, although I mostly have the signing completed in one. You don’t want to keep your guests waiting.

4. Presentation of Marriage Certificate.

This is how we wind the ceremony up and you need something up beat and celebratory. It sets the tone for the celebrations to come.

But you are by no means limited to these times. I have had a groom sing his bride in like a wandering minstrel, a couple sang to each other during the ceremony, there has been some reflection time in the ceremony, as all the guests listened to a special song, sung or played.

Live or not live?

Live is great if your budget can stretch to it. String quartets or trios, jazz bands, solo singers, whatever you like. But recorded music works too. And there is always a mate who will be happy do this.

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Photo courtesy of Steven Murray, Creative Image Photography