Judy Aulich Canberra Marriage Celebrant at 666 ABC Radio Station

Close Up is a weekly feature of 666 ABC Canberra Afternoons where Alex Sloan speaks to select special guests. I was invited to be a guest and tell my life story, including my time as a Civil Marriage Celebrant.  I certainly enjoyed my primary career as a teacher but my time as a Civil Marriage Celebrant continues to be a great joy.  Sharing time with couples as they plan their marriage ceremony is so rewarding and fun. Being interviewed by Alex Sloan on Close Up was like having a coffee with a good friend, except I did all the talking! She is so engaging and warm, It was hard to even remember that I was in the ABC studio.

Probably the most difficult bit was choosing only four pieces of music to sum up my life. I am not sure what I chose really sums me up, but each piece tells a story. There was a bit of discussion when I chose The Eulogy song from the Chaser, but it was decided that with a warning it would be fine. And for those of you who have never seen Adam Shirley who follows Alex Sloan in the afternoons, he definitely does not have a face for radio. He is exceptionally handsome! Please click the link below for the transcript and an audio file if you would like to listen.

Canberra Close Up: Judy Aulich


Photo courtesy of Farz Edraki – ABC Local